Children's Liturgy – 2nd Sundays

Since September 2010, we have dedicated our 2nd Sunday liturgy for the children of our community.  For this monthly celebration, Father Seán has written “A Cosmic Mass for Children,” a special Eucharistic liturgy which embraces children’s openness and curiosity about the wide world in which they live and illustrates their love of and care for all the creatures they encounter and read about. 
The Children’s Mass is an active sharing of thoughts and ideas between the children and Father Seán and among the children themselves, in which the children give voice to their imaginations, and express how they see God and themselves, their relationships to family and friends, and their hopes and dreams for our world. They listen to a story, sing songs, join in the reading of all the prayers and participate in the consecration of bread and juice and one-by-one offer these gifts to each other.

Included here are the full liturgy for the Children’s Mass, “A Cosmic Mass for Children” and also the excerpted “Eucharistic Prayer,” a hymn in recognition of the dance between God and Her magnificent creation.    

A Cosmic Mass for Children

Eucharistic Prayer for the Children