Exploration/Study Group

In October, 2011, the Exploration/Study Group began for those in our community who are interested in investigating all kinds of ideas about our world – from the earth-bound to the mystical. All that is required of participants is a commitment to research and reflection and a curiosity/desire to delve deeply into how our world really works – all of it – from economics, to politics, to medicine, churches, spirituality, parallel universes, extra-terrestrials, and beyond- whatever we each feel is part of our world view and needs to be investigated. The subject matter is totally open and unlimited.

This group is supplementary and is intended to provide another development opportunity for those people within the COJ community who wish to pursue interests and questions within a group setting, and to make progress toward the development of their own personal cosmology.

Fr. Seán begins each monthly meeting with a short presentation, and the expectation is that everybody will be co-investigators and teachers for the group.

Group meetings are on the second Thursday of each month, from 7-9 PM at the Seventh Day Adventist church.

For further information, please contact Karen Rubin, Michael Choy or Stephan Weiss.


The Crones Group

Crones is a group of women over 60 years of age which meets the 4th Sunday of every month for one hour following Mass.  These women are committed to deepening their spirituality through support of one another as they face the challenges of aging.  One important belief of this group is that personal and societal transformation is facilitated by participation in a prayerful circle where personal sharing is honored, respected and encouraged.  You may contact Marilyn Luotto for further information at mluotto (@)


Companions In Need (CIN)

The CIN group offers help to members of our community who are ill. We provide help with transportation to hospitals, doctor visits, and shopping.  We also bring cooked meals, and if necessary, stay with an ill person, while the care giver takes some time away from home. Whatever is needed. This is a very rewarding ministry. Please contact Margie Galdes at (650)327-0442, if you would like to help with this effort.


Eucharist to the Sick & Homebound

If you have surgery, become ill, or are unable to come to Mass, there are COJ volunteers from the Palo Alto area and the San Jose area, who are willing to bring the Eucharist to you in your home.
Please contact Jo Owen (650)529-1105 /or  Patrice Otten (408)294-7865.


COJ Friday Morning Coffee Group

On Fridays, after the 7:30 liturgy at St. Mark's, we join for coffee around the corner on Middlefield Road at a nearby restaurant. There is an open agenda.  It might include a short critique of
Seán’s homily - a tip from Manny re: simple house repair or cooking,  or a bit of hi-tech info from Lee, a check-in on the health of one of the group or an absent friend, a discussion of politics, (e.g. Charlie Rose’s latest interviewee), recommendation of a book, or a movie or a plumber or just a chat about our families or trips. All are welcome.  It is always a friendly, open and
respectful group.   


Outreach Programs

   Feed the Hungry

The “Feed the Hungry Program” is a ministry where present and past members of our COJ Community have the opportunity to volunteer their time and energy to less fortunate people in this affluent local area. Every fifth Sunday of the year, these volunteers prepare and serve lunch to approximately 70 to 80 guests, sadly, sometimes there are children. The volunteers are under the supervision of an employee of the InnVision Peninsula Program, the organization that provides the ingredients. Trinity Episcopal Church Hall in Menlo Park on Ravenswood Ave is the location and the time commitment is between 12:15 and 3:30pm.

In return for their time and energy, the volunteers receive gracious  and sincere appreciation from their guests, as they are served, and quite often again when they leave. As a bonus, volunteers enjoy the companionship and perhaps the opportunity to get to know fellow COJ members.

The COJ 2012 schedule will miss only one month - May. Eight volunteers are required on each of our scheduled Sundays, as well as a rotation of two or three people who will send out “CoJ_All” requests and coordinate replies. There is a need for new volunteers to become a part of this necessary work to help our sisters and brothers.