Spiritual Director

Seán ÓLaoire Ph.D.


Board Of Directors

Karen Rubin, President

Maureen Ryan, Secretary

Michael Choy, Chief Financial Officer

Tom Shannon

Stephan Weiss


Finance Committee

Margaret Parra



Liturgy Committee, Karen Rubin

Eucharistic Ministers, Helen Walter

Sacristans, Karen Rubin

Lectors, Rita Czamanske



Communications Committee - Mary Thomas and Rita Czamanske

Fundraising - Maureen Ryan
Development - Tom Thomas

Mailing List - Bob Ohlmann
COJ_All@yahoogroups.com - Lisa Jing
Greeting new members - Bernadette Hart

Website and Publications:
Website - Stephan Weiss
the Happenings Corner - Rita Czamanske
Sunday Bulletin - Tom Shannon and Karen Rubin


Community Building and Outreach Programs

Crones - Marilyn Luotto
Feeding the Homeless - Rita Czamanske and Hedda Hope
Annual Holiday Party - Margie Galdes and Ria Toolis
St. Patrick's Event: - Ria Toolis and Karen Rubin
Annual Summer Picnic - Bob Ohlmann

Companions in Need:

Assistance Ministry - Margie Galdes
Eucharistic Ministers -Jo Owen and Patrice Otten


Mail: P.O. Box 60195, Palo Alto, CA 94306-0195

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