Liturgy Support

Lectors (Readings chosen by individual community members, selecting readings for one month at a time)

Companions on the Journey uses both The Common Lectionary for traditional readings from the Old and New Testaments and The Uncommon Lectionary for readings from the Gnostic Gospels.  Lectors are free to choose their readings from either of these sources, as well as from other wisdom traditions of the world, from essays, from prose and from poetry. The reading selection is coordinated with the Spiritual Director and with the Music Director for each liturgy.  Two lectors read at each Sunday liturgy, just prior to the reading of the Gospel.  If you are interested in supporting our liturgy by becoming a lector, please contact Michael Choy.

Music Group (Nancy Lane, Music Director)

The music for COJ liturgies is selected based on the theme for the Mass and/or homily, the liturgical calendar, and current happenings in our community and the world. Our music is generally selected from the Companions on the Journey Songbook and/or the Glory and Praise hymnal. Some instrumental music (flute, piano, guitar, drums) is also included during most services. The music group rehearses before Mass every Sunday.  Open rehearsals, to which prospective participants are invited to attend, are held at least once a year, and more often when there is interest to do so.

Community Sunday Sacristans (Karen Rubin, Coordinator)

The role of the sacristan is to begin the preparation of the sacred space for our liturgy. From the placement of the altar, to the selection of the linens, the thoughtful arrangement of those things which will be used during the liturgy, the setting out of the bread and wine and juice, the opening of the book, the sacristan moves quietly in her/his mind and imagination through the liturgy to come. With the lighting of the candle, the sacristan’s preparation of the sacred space is complete. Sacristans work together in pairs each month on the Community Liturgy Sunday.